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What's in a Name?

Did you know that when I received my first sewing machine back in 2005 the only thing I sewed was paper? Originally The Paper Chick made invitations, scrapbooks and mixed media art. Over time my love of fabric and fibers overtook my love of paper (although I do still love to dabble in mixed media) yet the name The Paper Chick remained. As our company has grown I've started to wish for a name that the company could settle into a little more, one that felt more like home.

The Paper Chick logo designed by Alex Weires

I've been toying with the idea of rebranding and this feels like the right time. With the new name comes a beautiful new logo designed by Alex Weires, a new website (with a few surprise listings with the last of our Paper Chick logo tags, quick grab them) and the resurrection of the blog.

To us the porch light is synonymous with a lot of feel good thoughts, to me it's means coming home. I love to come home in the evening to find the porch light is on, to know that someone has peeked out the front window to see if I was back yet and thought to switch on the light to lead the way. Home also means my studio, a warm and comforting space.

This name feels like something warm we can settle into, it feels like home.

Welcome home to Porch Light Studio

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