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“The important thing is to create” -Pablo Picasso

I recently told my kids that this period of time is something they will talk to their kids about. They of course then made fun of me in old lady voices, "Back in my day...." or "Get off my lawn, kids" I guess I can be thankful they didn't say, "Ok, Boomer" right? Regardless, I don't want their memories to be filled with fear and anxiety, instead I want them to have memories of family time, play, prayer, crafts, cozy movies, oh and school work too, hah...

I love how so many artists are offering up resources and lessons during this time. I admit I have an alarm set to go off on my phone to remind myself of various LIVE lessons that are scheduled. I know I geek out over planning art more than the average person so for those of you that are not at my geeky art level I've gathered a few of my favorite resources to share.

The first place I always send my kids is the Boredom Busters board on my Pinterest page. I have a lot of supplies gathered in a tray on my kitchen table already. Currently just colored pencils, paper, and drawing books, but each day I'll put something different that I hidden away: clay, paint, collage supplies....

A huge resource of YouTube art lessons by art teacher Cassie Stephens is available on her

YouTube channel. She's high energy and silly and if the kids fall in love with her you can even find her on an episode of Nailed it! on Netflix.

Sarah Jane Studios the husband/wife behind the Lola Dutch books is offering a daily printable for children, you can sign up through their website.

image source Sarah Jane Studios

image source Sarah Jane Studios

Another favorite resource is Art Bar Blog and her Pinterest page. We are big fans of her books, blog and newsletters for ideas and beautifully imagery.

She has even created an Art and play Activity Guide for learning at home the next few weeks.

I have never used this final artists resources but multiple people have sent me a link to her free lessons being offered online. McHarper Manor is offering free daily lessons.

Hope this helps fill your time at home with a little more beauty and peace.

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