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The Games We Play

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

With fall break just around the corner I'm pulling out some of our favorite games to keep my kids busy. Before any extended school break I like to restock art supplies and pull out or shuffle around our games. Generally I like to keep toys tucked away but when they're all home I like to have them sitting out, they're more likely to grab a game instead of a device if it's visible.

The games shown are ones we grab over and over and they're games I don't mind playing over and over with them (not true for all games).

Ticket to Ride is one that I resisted for a long time due to the price tag but it is actually my favorite. I admit when we first got this (for Christmas last year) I had to watch YouTube videos to figure out how to play but since then we have all loved it. We've only played the original version but they have lots of other options.

I'm always drawn to card games and the three shown are fun and quick paced. Skip Bo is my favorite of the three.

Bop It! is one game my youngest will play and I've even caught my husband playing it too. Unlike the versions from my childhood the ones made these days have volume control.

Tenzi is fast paced and fit for all ages. We've been known to play a quick round or two before the school bus comes.

We first played Apples to Apples with our Florida cousins and my kids would play this for hours. The only negative is that it requires a minimum of 4 players, we play the Junior version.

Bananagrams is similar to scrabble and good for using vocabulary words!

Porch Light Studio bags are great to keep some of your favorite games, bags keep them from losing pieces or they're good to toss them in your purse for some fun while you're waiting at restaurants!

Does your family have any favorites that we should add to our collection?

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1 Comment

Oct 18, 2018

We love some of these too! Thanks for the new ideas too - just in time for Christmas shopping!

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