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Porch Talk

Do you have a friend that you can sit down with and talk about every little random thing? Those are the best kinds of friends, the one you can sit and talk about everything and nothing at all. Books, kids, relationships, the gym, recipes, that thing you read online...well that's what I want this series to be. If you were here we would sit on the porch with our drink of choice and chat about all the things on our mind.



I want to know what you're reading lately and do you use Audible? I have no trouble at all reading fiction and can fly through book after book but I struggle to read non fiction. I currently have three non fiction books on my nightstand but can't bring myself to read them. I'm tempted to try Audible, what do you think? Have you tried it??

Also, are you familiar with Goodreads? It's a great way to keep up with what you have read, what you want to read and checking out the books your friends have read and rated. You can search for me as Ashley Sampson, I would love to connect! A couple of my most highly rated books are The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (I like most of her books) and Delicious! by Ruth Reichl

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(affiliate link)



The changing of the seasons makes me want to fluff around the house and hermit at home. The cooler weather has me wanting to layer in cozy, textured pieces and snuggle in for a little calm. This throw from Anthropologie is perfectly textured and has me wanting to curl up with one of my books.

The idea of a good book and a blanket (preferably on a rainy day with soup simmering on the stove) reminds me that I'm on the hunt for some cute new loungewear pj sets. My current favorites are from Nordstroms (brand is In Bloom) and they're more lightweight. I love them because they are long enough for my legs. TOO OFTEN my pjs end up 4 inches too short and it drives me crazy. Have you found a good fall/winter weight set? I'm currently eyeing these from JCrew

If I needed a shorts set though these from Nordstroms are crazy cute. I admit I have a stripes obsession. This Nordstrom set reminds me of a Porch Light Studio bag, I wish these had a fun contrasting print on the inside!



Finally, we have this recipe on repeat and you need to make it too. This Paleo Jalapeño Popper Chicken Chili is perfect for cool or rainy days. I make it on the stove instead of the crockpot and don't forget to top with the avocado and goat cheese! I've made this for guests multiple times and they always ask for the recipe so I wanted to share it with you.

Source: Skinnytaste

Thanks for chatting, make sure to comment with your opinion of audible for non fiction listening and your book & pj suggestions!

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